Taste, freshness and health in a surprising combination

Imagine combining the benefits of tea with the qualities of grape in a new drink. The result already exists and is called Grape Tea. A mix with six different flavours that make your day lighter, refreshing and tastier. Each one is worth a try!

And who says that healthy is not tasty? Grape Tea is there to prove otherwise. The combination of tea with grape is rich in vitamins B and C, is not fermented or alcoholic and has low calories. Perfect, isn't it?

The bottles also stand out for their looks and are thought to preserve the drink's original aroma and properties. For more curiosities like these, look at the BS Canada Import website and see each of the six flavours' details. The link is this one here https://bscanadaimport.shop/collections/teas

Tell us what you found, we are sure you will love and put this new habit in your life.

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