Juice with natural ingredients to have more disposition


Those who have a busy life know that they need to pay special attention to their health. Besides drinking plenty of water and ensuring adequate sleep hours, it is necessary to keep a balanced diet. A practical, economical and efficient tip to help in the body's hydration and energization is to prepare a coconut water base, whole red grape juice, beet, and ginger.

The mixture's power is due to the ingredients' nutritional properties: the whole red grape juice combats blood acidity, stimulates liver functions, and helps the digestive process. The coconut water presents high moisturizing power, able to replenish the body. The ginger, with its antiemetic action, can help to reduce nausea and heartburn. The juice is completed with beet, an excellent source of folic acid, fibres, manganese and potassium - beneficial properties for the intestinal tract's health.

🚩 Ingredients:

  • 100ml of Amaze grape juice
  • 100ml of coconut water (fresh or bought on the market)
  • 1 medium-size beet
  • 4 small ginger flakes

🚩 How to do it:

  • Beat all ingredients in the blender until well mixed and serve with ice.

To see this recipe in Portuguese access the Garibaldi's Winery Blog here https://www.garibaldiblog.com.br/post/suco-carnaval-ressaca


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