GRAPE TEA SALTON: the delicious iced tea made with grape

Grape Tea Salton is a blend of natural teas with grape juice, exclusive to Salton Winery. Their extensive experience sought in the grape (its inexhaustible source of inspiration), the raw material to launch this blend of flavours.

With over 100 years of history, the Salton Winery is in Bento Gonçalves, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, and it was from there that the inspiration of its renowned winemakers came to create the Grape Tea line.

Grape Tea line is a surprising blend of natural teas and grape juice.

The flavours are enriched with B vitamins and vitamin C, and healthy and refreshing for any time of day!



The combination of Camellia sinensis (a plant species that gives rise to white, green and black teas) and the juice of the best Merlot or Moscato grapes of the Rio Grande do Sul mountain range resulted in Grape Tea Salton teas!

Grape is a precious source of polyphenols - bioactive compounds that act as anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, which provide health, well-being and even disease prevention.

The Grape Tea line bottles are made of glass and produced exclusively for the teas by a North American glass company.

Grape Tea bottles are 750 ml, as well as most sparkling wines.

Besides preserving the properties and aromas of the infusion, they also become a charm to decorate environments.

Try using it as a light fixture, placing a led wire or even as a flower vase.

If you are on a diet or are worried about the calories of this drink, a tip:

The Grape Tea versions that contain the Moscato grape are low calorie, although they are all delicious!


Grape Tea Salton is super versatile, and you can prepare traditional drinks, such as Clericot and Moscow Mule, and above all, without the need to drink alcohol.

Betting more on novelties, the Grape Tea launched came to diversify Salton products line and attend a young public.

The executive director, Luciana Salton, comments:

"Grape Tea Salton is made for people who value the taste and seek health, freshness and lightness."

The composition of natural teas with the grape juice guarantees to surprise a demanding public with an innovative experience.


There are six blends of teas and grape juice, ready to drink at any time.

The green tea with Sicilian lemon, citron grass and musk grape offers many benefits, especially in summer.

It helps in the absorption of fat and inhibits hunger, ideal for consumption between meals.

Its properties are enriched with Sicilian lemon and citron grass's taste and reinforced with vitamins of the B complex - B3, B5, B6, B7 - and vitamin C.

The white tea with lychee and musk grape is a low-calorie drink, ideal for a detox breakfast because it has detoxifying properties.

It accelerates the metabolism and reduces swelling.

Its properties are enriched with the taste of lychee and reinforced with vitamins of the B complex - B3, B5, B6, B7 - and vitamin C.

The black tea with red fruits and merlot grape is ideal for awakening, especially in pre-training, because it also contains caffeine.

The red fruits, like cranberry and blueberry, contains antioxidant action.

Its properties are enriched with the taste of red fruits, such as blueberry and cranberry.

They are even reinforced with B vitamins - B3, B5, B6, B7 - and vitamin C.

The black tea with tangerine and musk grape has caffeine and stimulates physical activities, contributing to a healthy weight loss.

Not to mention the unique flavour of tangerine!

Its properties are enriched with tangerine's flavour and reinforced with vitamins of the B complex - B3, B5, B6, B7 - and vitamin C.

The white tea with musk grape, dragon fruit and hibiscus is a low-calorie drink.

It is a source of B vitamins - B3, B5, B6, B7 - and vitamin C without preservatives.


White tea with musk grape and coconut water is a low-calorie drink.

Without preservatives and above all, it is a source of B vitamins - B3, B5, B6, B7 - and vitamin C.

Gregório Salton, enologist responsible for the elaboration of the drinks together with the company's experienced enology team, explains:

"The versatile and remarkable flavour of the grape allows us to create pleasant combinations to the palate. Our raw material still provides benefits to the body, for being rich in antioxidants. The flavours of Grape Tea add the healthiness of the tea to the polyphenols of the grape. The mixture of flavours is still enriched with vitamins of the B complex and vitamin C".

Faced with this, you are still not convinced of the benefits of Grape Tea Salton? Then try it yourself! Go to our website and get yours!!

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